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"Doesn't have the appearance of a self-published book; rather, it looks very
much like a scholarly monograph published by a University Press."
(Sea Miner, 2016)

Since 2010, I've researched, written, designed, illustrated, and published a series of my own books, all of which are available on my author's website. In doing so, I've been struck by the surprise evidenced by some reviewers that the books look professional.  I realize that their reaction is a function of the stigma long-attached to self-published books where, admittedly, an author's writing abilities were not always matched by their skills in other areas. This need not be; nor should an author worry about draining their bank account for the sake of maps, diagrams, and illustrations to accompany their words.

"This is an excellent, well-written and well-produced paperback volume."
(A Dog Before a Soldier, 2010)

Whether you are an independent author planning to self-publish or someone who prefers the more traditional path through a publishing house, I can help you—and for far less than most others charge. I can do this because I have no overhead: I work from home and already own all the tools I need. What is more, I work quickly to produce top-notch images—a prerequisite in the fast-paced world of high-tech corporate design, which I survived for thirty years. My rate is a straight $35/hour whether I am doing research, book design, page layout, maps, illustrations or photography. As a gauge of what this buys, the maps on the Gallery page each took one to two hours. For examples of what other specific kinds of illustration might cost, see The Bottom Line.

"The maps, original and often highly detailed visual renderings of the
action described in the text, are exceptional in number and quality."

(A Dog Before a Soldier, 2010)

The books that I write are all historical and technical, so there is "a look" to what I've created for artwork, with a preponderance of maps and diagrams. To illustrate other designs, I included a number of posters, illustrations, spot art, and newsletters on the Gallery page, most of which come from my corporate days. Additionally, I have a network of artists and photographers I can tap into for different styles or a specific image; these folks will, of course, set their own fees  for use of their work, but I can help with negotiations, gratis.

"The book is well-illustrated with helpful diagrams, period drawings and pictures."
(Raising Missouri, 2012)

I continue to turn out new books of my own, with the next one due out by the end of 2017 and three more being researched. So far, I've gotten high marks for the quality of my work—both for the stories and for their appearance. I am fortunate to be able to both bring episodes from history to life and to illustrate and package them into appealing books. There is no reason why self-publishing authors should be stigmatized for the appearance and quality of their works, when the tools and skills are readily available. If you'd like to discuss how best I can help you, drop me a line!

Chuck Veit

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