The popular 4th edition Handbook from the U.S. Naval Landing Party, an American Civil War living history crew—full of historical and practical information for portraying sailors and marines of the War of the Rebellion. (Co-author R. Kuchera)

"If ever there was a guide that filled a need to perfection this is it. As a reenactor, I appreciate the work that went into this book. It has everything you need on every aspect of the subject and then some. Written by reenactors for reenactors it is THE go to book.” (D. Williamson)

"If you're looking for information regarding how to do a civil war naval personna, this is the handbook for you. It is full of information about uniforms both CSN and USN, uniform and equipment vendors, drilling with other units as well as cutlass drills and much more. Period naval information at your finger tips! A must have for the CW naval reenactor. I rate it a 10+” (Anonymous Amazon Customer)


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