A four-volume 1672-page compendium of American Civil War newspaper articles providing an incredible snapshot of American society between 8 April 1861 and 16 April 1865. While the war itself is obviously the focus, the selection of articles presents as wide an image of period society as possible. Many recognized significant events are included; much else is mundane, and some is simply downright quirky. Do these stories capture everything that Americans thought or knew about? Certainly not. But you will find a wide variety of ideas and surprises around themes both familiar and unsuspected. There is no after-the-fact analysis here; this is the raw data of history as reported by participants. A downloadable Word document of the Index will give you an idea of the range of articles. (Roughly 1,000 words/day.)  (Note: While I certainly don't mind selling you the four-volume set, the sheer volume of paper makes this rather expensive. My goal is to see the information used, so I've also posted a free online version which you can read day-by-day. Bad business, but good history . . .)


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